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3 Ways to Clean the Head of the Blow Molding Machine(very effective)
17 Sep 2018

Today, Yankang Plastic Machinery (click it)will share with you 3 ways to clean the head of the blow molding machine.It turns out that the 3 ways are very effective.

It is well known that regular maintenance of the blow molding machine (the blow molding machine should be cleaned regularly, especially the screw and head of the extruder) and cleaning of the machinery, raw materials and workshop are helpful to ensure that the blow molding is carried out normally.So,how to clean the head of the blow molding machine?

Why clean the head of the blow molding machine (click it)?

Keeping the billet head clean is an important premise of extrusion blow molding high performance products.

Some polymers degrade during processing, especially if the melt remains in the storage cavity for a period of time when the processing temperature is high or the batch blow molding occurs.

In addition, there are many additives in the blowing polymer, and by-products can be formed in the melting process.These degradants or by-products will accumulate in the head of the flow channel, so that the surface of the blank will be streaked, affecting the appearance of products.

The flow channel of the machine head is streamlined or chrome plated to reduce the appearance of blank stripes.

The temperature of the blown billet is higher when it contacts the mold cavity.In the production process, copper sheet is used to remove the aggregates in the die mouth of the machine head.If not, stop the machine and clean it up.

3 ways to clean the head of the blow molding machine

1. Manual cleaning

Before removing the head, heat it to above the plastic melting point using an electric heater.Cannot be heated with an acetylene flame, as this will cause partial overheating and warping of the machine head, affecting the size and shape of the die and mandrel.

Then stop heating, remove the heater, and disassemble the nose.Use a copper sheet or copper beryllium spatula to remove most of the melt, followed by brass cotton for final cleaning.High-speed airflow can also be used to remove the melt on the nose, but this time it is still necessary to use brass cotton to wipe off the oxidized melt, sometimes using a grinding wheel or heat to remove the melt.

The melt on the thread can be removed by anti - adhesive.Avoid scratching the flow channel, especially the die area, when cleaning the head by hand.

This method has a large work load, which will cause physical damage to the metal on the wall surface of the head runner, and is often metallurgical.The following cleaning method can be avoided.

2.Solvent cleaning

That is, with the help of acid |l or alkaline chemicals, organic or inorganic solvents to clean. Generally, it will corrode metal.The cleaning efficiency of organic solvent is high.Solvent cleaning method to set up recycling equipment, so as not to pollute the environment.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning method

This method has good cleaning effect, but the cost of equipment and chemical agents is high, and has corrosion problems. It is best used for post-cleaning to remove inorganic residues.

There are 3 ways to clean the head of the blow molding machine.In the future,Yankang Plastic Machinery will continue to share knowledge with you about blow molding machines.Please look forward to it!